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               public access unix systems for free speech, established 2000
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========================================================================================= NEWS 2014-09-26 'bash' is now actually ksh, until shellshock is fixed. drop by IRC on irc.oftc.net #sd if you have problems logging in. 2013-07-04 Upgraded to 5.3 2013-07-04 Upgraded to 5.2 2012-08-16 Upgraded to 5.1 2012-07-31 PHP works again in user web space, and your scripts now run as your user with suPHP. Sorry that took like a year. ========================================================================================= JOIN Currently, a free shell account with us offers: 50MB storage space, http access(http://silenceisdefeat.net/~username), ssh, sftp, imap-ssl mail, pop3-ssl mail. Instant messaging clients for IRC, AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo!, Gadu-Gadu, Jabber, and Lily. Optional trainable server-side spam detection is also included. We also have a few vhosts for fans of IRC. Running IRC BNC's (eggdrop, psybnc) is actively discouraged. Verified PayPal account holders, you can join instantly below:
Desired username:
Those without PayPal, please send this form [pdf] with return postage to: SD Unix Shells 1000 Meridian Blvd #104-155 Franklin, TN 37067 International users should include enough USD, CAD, or Euro to cover return postage, as listed on this page (usps.gov). ========================================================================================= MISSION To enrich our culture, advance scientific research and recreation, we seek to introduce the general public to Open Source software by providing remotely accessible computing facilities for easier access to very useful Open Source software applications, used for daily tasks such as email, web browsing, newsgroups, web servers, compilers, bulletin boards, and file storage. As the Open Source community is powered by its users, introducing new users will advertly allow for growth within the Open Source community, and therefore allow for its progression. A few examples of widely used Open Source software are Mozilla, LiveJournal, Linux, and OGG Vorbis. If you would like to read more about Open Source Software, you can do so here. Additionally, we are free speech advocates; we support and give priority to social, economic, technological and political reformation groups who seek web hosting or similar services. ========================================================================================= HISTORY May 2000 x86 233MHz, x86 350MHz / Linux / 512Kbps cable February 2003 x86 1.7GHz / FreeBSD / 1.5Mbps cable March 2004 x86 2GHz / OpenBSD / 10Mbps colocation ========================================================================================= STATUS saga: 6:19PM up 124 days, 13:06, 10 users, load averages: 0.84, 0.78, 0.73 OpenBSD saga.silenceisdefeat.net 5.3 GENERIC.MP#58 i386 ========================================================================================= CONTACT Silence is Defeat offers a live support channel at #sd on OFTC. If you don't know how to use IRC, you may click here to connect through mibbit.com. Remember: This is a group support channel, so make sure you are speaking one-on-one with a verified administrator before giving out account-specific details. ========================================================================================= Free Shell Accounts - the biggest list on the net :-)